The Kurdistan Memory Programme

Collecting testimony for The Kurdistan Memory Programme demands a high level of professionalism and sensitivity.

Researchers from The KMP travel to villages where people have been deeply scarred by their experiences during Saddam Hussein’s rule. They share painful memories to let the world know the truth of what happened to them.

The KMP team has learned how to carefully address the emotional and psychological turmoil experienced by survivors. They prepare detailed research briefs that are used to select key stories; camera teams are then sent to collect testimony, which is professionally translated and then sent to film editors.

The KMP uses innovative techniques to produce short, authoritative films that powerfully communicate the heartbreaking journey of the Kurdish people in narrative. The HD video and multimedia produced by the KMP will, in due course, be made accessible to the world online.

‘Interviewing those that survived dark, tragic moments requires great sensitivity. It is testimony to the strength of the Kurdish people that they revisit painful memories to ensure their history isn’t lost.’
Lara Fatah, Project Executive, The KMP

The Kurdistan Memory Programme brings together an international team based in the UK, Europe, USA and Iraqi Kurdistan. It draws on the expertise of experienced British and Kurdish media professionals to produce a groundbreaking record of Kurdish history. Creating a definitive historical resource and producing compelling multimedia, the KMP’s goal is to bring Kurdistan’s past to life and to make its history accessible to the world.

‘Documenting trauma is a painful process for all concerned but an essential step in ensuring that history is not allowed to repeat itself in Kurdistan.’
Gwynne Roberts, Director, The KMP

The Kurdistan Memory Programme

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